Angel Numbers: What They Mean and a Guide

Have you ever checked your phone only to find that it was precisely 11:11? Or maybe you realized your favorite song was two minutes and twenty-two seconds.

Long and ordered a coffee that cost $2.22 seconds later? There are no coincidences in the metaphysical worlds.

Where practitioners like myself work, so these are known as angel numbers (in fact, I came up with the acronym for this term, TANC, back in 2019; it's.

kind of a catchphrase in my work). The ideal illustration of this TANC phenomenon is angel numbers. Angel number references can be found on Instagram.

Witchtok, Astrologytok, and Manifestationtok, among other places. What do they therefore mean? What do they say, exactly? How can we collaborate with them? Let's start now.In numerology.

Angel numbers are sets of three or four numbers that contain repetition and/or patterns, such as 111 or 4444, or both, like 321 or 8787. These digits typically catch our attention and, even if only briefly, inspire awe, even though they may appear in the most ordinary places.

The reason we are drawn to these sequences, though, is a continuation of their symbolism: It is thought that these numbers are communications from the spiritual universe that provide understanding, wisdom, and direction.