Andrew Wiggins returns from 2-month absence, just in time for playoffs

After being away from the squad for-yet-undisclosed family reasons, Andrew Wiggins returned to play for,

The first time in over two months and showed little indications of rust in his performance.

After starting all 657 of his previous NBA games, Wiggins came off the bench for the first time and had an immediate influence on the game.

The first shot he attempted was blocked, but he quickly recovered and made a block of his own on the defensive end of the court.

In total, Wiggins played for 28 minutes and ended with 17 points, three rebounds, one assist, and four blocks.

The only thing that was lacking from his game was an outside shot because he went one for eight from deep, including a corner three that would have given them the lead in the final few seconds of the game.

After the game, head coach Steve Kerr commented on how well Wiggs played. "Wiggs was great," he stated.

"It's great to have him back... In the first half, he was fantastic. In the second half, he showed some signs of fatigue, which was to be expected.