Andile Ncube's "Thirsty" Comments About Dr. Musa Mthombeni's Wife Get Twitter Reaction

South African reality TV personality Andile Ncube has been criticized on Twitter for his comments against Dr. Musa Mthombeni's wife, Liesl Laurie. Andile and Musa have a history of online teasing, but many Tweeps think Andile went too far by involving Liesl.

A Twitter user found a flirty comment Andile made about Liesl in 2018, before she married or dated Musa. Andile Ncube's Comments Controversy

Former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie has been stunning since childhood. While this is true, many Twitter users believe Andile should not publicly thirst over her, even playfully.

Many Tweeps criticized Andile for disrespecting his friend's wife after he said he didn't know how Musa got a "stunner" like Liesl.

Tweeps found a 2018 photo of Andile "thirsting" for Liesl shortly after his comment.

He wrote "sexy mommy" with love hidden emojis.

This discovery inflamed people who thought Andile was disrespectful to Liesl and her marriage to Musa.

Social media makes it easy to voice thoughts and point out wrongdoing. Andile Ncube was criticized for disrespecting his friend's wife.

Online banter and taunting can be entertaining, but it's crucial to recognize the limits.