American Idol' Contestant Who Dropped Out of Top 26 Revealed

Ryan Seacrest, the show's host, revealed that one contestant has departed the competition during Monday's episode of American Idol.

We turned to the judges' first alternate because one of the top 26 contestants chose to withdraw from the competition, 

e singert in question is Beckett, a 19-year-old artist from California. The actor MalcTholm McDowell and his wife Kelley Kuhr are the parents of Beckett, whose full name is Beckett McDowell.

Beckett confirmed online rumours that he competed on Idol even though the programme did not feature any of his performances by posting on Instagram.

Speculation first began when the show shared a group pic of judge Katy Perry with the top 26 that seemingly featured Beckett.

Beckett is not the first celebrity parent's child to withdraw from the competition this year.

Kaya Stewart, the daughter of Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart, departed the show earlier in this season .

Seacrest said as he introduced the returning singer, 16-year-old Paige Anne.