After two years, Jack Nicholson is unrecognizable before 86th birthday.

In California, Jack Nicholson was seen on his balcony in broad daylight appearing unusual.

Nicholson's uncommon appearance marked the first time in 18 months that fans had seen the venerable Hollywood actor.

The hero of "The Shining" was captured resting on a wooden balcony rail while sporting a loose orange t-shirt and black sweatpants.

Nicholson was staring out over the Franklin Canyon Reservoir and taking in the fresh air.

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The 85-year-old man had a beard and gray hair that was unkempt. In a another image,

Nicholson was seen scratching his eye while leaving a large glass patio door behind him.

Nicholson was last saw in October 2021 sitting courtside with his doppelganger son, Ray, at an NBA Los Angeles Lakers game.