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According to your zodiac sign, these are your biggest worries.


As you are both bosses and infants, the sign of Aries is known as the zodiac's boss babies. You must always make your own decisions in life because Aries is never one to follow commands.


To the bull of the zodiac, a regular schedule is like oxygen; if you interrupt it, you can't breathe. You are a group of creative people, not because Taureans lack imagination.


It is commonly known that Geminis may be extreme. The twins' oscillation between diametrically opposed poles is, after all, appropriate. Yet, boredom is the concern that fuels the unrest in Gemini.


Cancer Cancers are the signs of the zodiac that tend to inspire the most anxiety in other people. The crab is about protection from the deepest, most lasting childhood scars of all.


Leos ultimately want nothing more than to be accepted for who they really are. Sincerity and consciousness are what you stand for.


Virgos are arrogant; humble braggers are not. You would rather die without being recognized for exceptional work than win an EGOT for work you thought was below average (this is only slightly an exaggeration).


Libras embrace teamwork since we can do so much more as a group than we can alone. It applies to all legally binding relationships, not just romantic ones.


They conduct their business in secret because it is nobody's business how the Scorpio obtains your ex-social partner's SSN, a rival's patented formula, or the evidence needed to indict a president who is already in office.


In the same way that Belle does as she strolls around her tiny French town square, Sagittarius yearns for exotic adventure.


Capricorns are constantly con artists, but why? Money, fame, or a lasting legacy? Yes, there is more than what is mentioned above.


The origin of the Aquarian ethos is fear of feeling out of place. Somewhere in the zodiac, no one is too odd to get a seat at the table.


Of fact, the zodiac sign that dread death the most is the last. The focus of Pisces is on removing barriers between the material and the spiritual, between reality and dreams, and between fiction and reality.