A SYFY Mania Interview With Lisa Joy, Westworld Co-Creator On How It Became a Documentary Throughout Its Seasons

According to co-creator Lisa Joy, the problems explored in Westworld evolved from "sci-fi to documentary cinema" over the years,

hinting at what a fifth season of the HBO juggernaut may have looked like. Joy stated during a Series Mania speech that improvements in

AI and the invention of ChatGPT mean that Westworld's subject matter has recently grown more relevant and timely.

"These subjects will be explored further, if not in Westworld, then in other shows, pushing [the topic] to new dimensions," she told Deadline.

"I believe it's a fertile ground for exploration." Westworld was canceled by HBO Max late last year after four seasons, and both Joy and co-creator Jonathan Nolan

have stated that they would have loved to see it continue for a fifth and final season. Since then, Roku and Tubi have acquired the show's back library.

Over the six-year run of Westworld, Joy stated that the themes being addressed "moved from sci-fi to documentary cinema."

She added that she and her writing team have "tentpole moments prepared for every season" beginning with the pilot.

"It was like an intellectual hellscape," she says of creating the pilot. "You begin with the fundamentals, and then everyone offers fresh ideas or inspirations."

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