A list of the most and least romantic signs of the zodiac

The most romantic sign in the zodiac is Taurus. This grounded earth sign is a dependable mate to have by your side and makes a good, lasting buddy. It is at once independent, seductive, devoted, and romantic.


Pisces is an excessively amorous sign with no boundaries and a wonderful fantasy life, according to Co-Star. No other sign will take such steps to make sure that their connections function, despite the fact that they might be sensitive and insecure in their relationships.


Moon-ruled Cancers are extremely emotional and sensitive people who are prone to falling in love (via CafeAstrology.com). Cancers have kind souls and endearing personalities, much like their ruling planet. This winning combination makes the recipient of their adoration feel continuously cherished and cared for.


Leos are known as the dramatic kings and queens of the zodiac calendar, both in their personal lives and in their romantic relationships. They may occasionally struggle with fragility and a fragile ego, but when they fall in love, they often proclaim it loud and clear.


An exciting experience is dating a Gemini. These fearless social butterflies adore including their friends in the fun and are constantly seeking out new experiences. A surprise road trip, skydiving, camping out for concert tickets, or heading to the bar for trivia night are all potential date ideas for Geminis.


The seventh house, also referred to as the partnership house, is associated with the sign of Libra (via Astrograph). As a result, this friendly, astute, and peace-loving air sign makes an incredibly considerate friend. They are entirely focused on their partner's feelings and emotions, often at the expense of their own. Their compassion and empathy know no bounds.


It's like riding the best, most thrilling roller coaster you've ever been on to date an Aries. Everything move quickly and there are many twists and turns, yet even the low points are exciting. The New York Post claims that Aries relationships are always fiery and passionate.


Although Capricorns are not unromantic, they do not place a high value on passionate, lovey-dovey relationships. Because they are practical, sensible, and diligent, Capricorns like to spend their free time making plans for the future (via Astrology Zone). They place considerably more importance on building a strong foundation for their long-term partnership than exploring the intricacies of their feelings or performing grand romantic gestures.


Scorpios have a reputation for being enigmatic, intense, and sensual people who are obsessed with passionate intimacy and the macabre. Although this cliche is accurate, Scorpios have more complex personalities than their intense appeal would imply. Scorpios are challenging to comprehend, claims Huff Post.




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