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A Guide to Angel Numbers and What They Mean


Within numerology, angel numbers are number sequences (usually three or four numbers) that contain repetition (such as 111 or 4444) and/or patterns (such as 321 or 8787).

Although they may appear in the most ordinary places, these digits usually grab our attention and — even if for only a moment — evoke a sense of wonder.

It is believed that these numbers are messages from the spiritual universe that offer insight, wisdom, and directionality.

Whether you assign them to angels, guides, ancestors, spirits, or simply a higher state of your own consciousness, angel numbers can confirm you're on the right path,

shed invaluable insight on a complicated situation, or even illuminate the powerful, mystical meaning behind recurring themes you experience throughout your life.

Whether you believe that angels are sending you hyper-specific messages or that your subconscious is affirming your consciousness

angel numbers have made a lasting impression on our psyche. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was a brilliant mathematician,

but — in addition to inventing unique quantitative solutions — Pythagoras believed that our reality is a physical manifestation of the energetic vibration of numbers.

Fast-forward a few thousand years, and an author named Doreen Virtue published dozens of books in the early 2000s on "angel numbers,"

coining the term and exploring the unique, mystical messages baked into number sequences.