9 Affectionate Cat Breeds

When lifted up, the ragdoll relaxes and goes limp.

 1. Ragdoll

The muscular Maine coon, the biggest domestic cat breed, is perfect for loving people.

2. Maine Coon

The social Siamese acts like a dog, wanting attention all the time.

3. Siamese

Scotch folds resemble owls with their large eyes and "folded" ears on round noggins.

4. Scottish Fold

The Birman, known as the Sacred Cat of Burma, are believed to have originated in old temples, where priests' spirits passed to their Birman cats before reincarnating.

5. Birman

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Persians are DeVoss's least violent cats. Fluffy, one of the most famous and fashionable cat breeds, favors compliments to tantrums.

6. Persian

The ebullient Burmese, golden-eyed and good-natured, delights onlookers. Another cat type that may win over dog lovers,

7. Burmese

The hairless sphynx has always sought a love partner, despite their bald bodies.

8. Sphynx

The Bombay proves dark cats can be loving, despite superstition. Their sleek black fur actually shines.

9. Bombay

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