8 Numerous Aura Color Interpretations

Your aura is a series of energetic layers that connect your physical self to your soul and universal energy.

Different Aura Color Meanings

Energy colors and their meanings can help us understand our current state of being.

Aura Colors and Meanings

Passionate, intense, loyal, loyal, natural born leader, competitive.

Red Aura Meaning

You have a compassionate heart and other traits that affect the meaning of your pink aura.

Pink Aura Meaning

Orange aura is associated with adrenaline, risk-taking, and a vibrant personality.

Orange Aura Meaning

Yellow aura indicates creativity, easygoing, optimistic, inspiring, social and self-aware.

Yellow Aura Meaning

Divinely connected, enlightened, balanced, spiritually inspired, intuitive.

Gold or Silver Aura Meaning

Healing energy, loving, creative, spiritually attuned, connected to nature.

Green Aura Meaning

Blue aura indicates loyalty, altruism, self-expression, creative fulfillment, diplomacy, and honesty.

Blue Aura Meaning

Indigo in your aura can help you use your intuitive abilities for spiritual growth.

Indigo Aura Meaning

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