8 most common Virgo weaknesses

Overly critical behaviour on the part of Virgos can result in feelings of insecurity or low self-worth.

1. Overly-critical.

Because of their keen attention to detail, Virgos are renowned for their perfectionism.

2. Perfectionist.

Virgos struggle with flaws, both their own and others'. They have a reputation for being judgmental and harsh.

3. Judgemental.

Because they are so analytical and focused on the details, Virgos frequently overthink things.

4. Overthinking.

A Virgo may be extremely petty at times, as anyone who has ever been around one will attest.

5. Petty.

Virgos are notoriously sceptical and analytical. They have a tendency to overthink everything and look for flaws that could derail their plans.

6. Skeptical.

Virgos can be perceived as fussy, but this is simply due to their attention to detail.

7. Fussy.

Virgos are obsessive because they are terrified of making mistakes.

8. Obsessive.

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