Brush Stroke


8 Foods That Help Fight PMS Symptoms


1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt provides healthy nutrition without PMS symptoms with 10 grams of protein per 100 grams. A 2019 research found that low calcium and vitamin D levels can worsen symptoms.

2. Pumpkin seeds

Need a salty chip snack? Try pumpkin seeds. Magnesium-rich pepitas.

3. Almonds

Almonds have the craving-crushing combo of fiber, protein, and beneficial fats, as well as the B vitamin riboflavin, which early studies suggests may reduce PMS risk. 

4. Lean beef

Lean beef is a good source of zinc, which may reduce PMS risk, as well as protein. Lean cuts like flank steak, sirloin, tenderloin, top round, and eye of round are best.

5. Oatmeal

Whole grains like oatmeal contain PMS-fighting B vitamins like B6, thiamin, and riboflavin. Food-derived thiamine and riboflavin reduced PMS risk in a 2011 10-year trial.

6. Salmon

Salmon tops most "healthy foods to eat" lists for good reason. Salmon is loaded with vitamin D, which may lower breast soreness by 21% before PMS!

7. Eggs

Eggs, already so well-rounded in nutrients, may be the key in helping to tame those PMS symptoms. Like salmon, egg yolks (specifically from pastured hens or hens fed with fortified feed) are rich in vitamin D.

8. Banana

Calcium and magnesium, found in dark, leafy vegetables like kale, may reduce PMS symptoms. Calcium supplementation reduced menstrual mood fluctuations in one randomized control experiment. Simply add a few handfuls to your soup, salad, or pasta to get your fix.