7 Potentially Selfish Zodiac Signs

We are unique, and the world is a better place because of us. We make many people happy, joyful, and make them laugh. And there are many people who love us for being weird and different. 

So it makes sense that we should love ourselves. We are one in a million, after all. 

The trouble comes when we love ourselves so much that we can't think of anyone but ourselves. 

These are the narcissists, the people who are the most self-centered. They have a god complex, 

which makes them think that only good things should happen to them. Did you know that astrology can be used to find out which zodiac signs are self-centered?

Taurus thinks that they are always right and can never be wrong. So, if they think they are demi-gods on Earth, they must be right, right? The star sign can't take any kind of criticism because they are so sure that nothing could be as wonderful and wonderful as them.

1. Taurus

Scorpios can't be in a relationship that they don't have full control over. They think that everyone owes them something. Scorpios are one of the most self-centered zodiac signs, but their selfishness can be put up with as long as people love them.

2. Scorpio

Whoever knows an Aquarius knows how self-centered they can be. But the star sign itself doesn't believe it at all. They think of themselves as free spirits who don't have to answer to anyone.

3. Aquarius

No one, not even Aries, is surprised that they are on this list. The star sign knows that they do everything they do for their own pleasure.

4. Aries

Leos love to be noticed. They always want to be the center of attention and don't want to share it with anyone else. The zodiac is very full of themselves, and all they want is to be in charge.

5. Leo

Since Geminis are the most outgoing of the twelve zodiac signs, it's easy to forget how selfish the rest of the signs are.

6. Gemini

Surprised to see Sag on this list of zodiac signs that are selfish? Everyone would. After all, the signs of the zodiac just seem so chill and easy going.

7. Sagittarius