6 Big-Hearted Zodiac Signs Who Are Secretly Huge Softies

You put on a brave façade, but beneath that tough exterior, you are nothing more than a puddle of goo.

It doesn't take much to make you weep, and those tears aren't just tears of misery; you cry tears of joy,

Tears of relief, and perhaps even tears of exhaustion as well.though this sounds like you, even though you'd rather people think of you as tough,

you're probably one of the zodiac signs with the biggest hearts and the softest hearts, even if you're one of the signs that prefers to be thought of as tough.

You really do have a big heart. It takes a certain sort of heart to help old people cross the street, to risk getting hit by a car in order to save a tiny duckling,

To be willing to part with your very last dollar in order to assist someone who is struggling financially.

It's not that you have a good handle over your feelings; in fact, quite the contrary is true in many respects.

It is preferable for you to have a neutral attitude about things rather than allow them to bother you.

But no matter how hard you try to appear tough, it will never succeed since it is impossible to truly conceal the great heart that you have.