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5 Zodiac Signs Most Codependent


Certain zodiac signs don't feel the need to seek approval from others, while other signs are quite reliant on other people for their pleasure.

The sense of being dependent on a grin is more typical than you might realize. Here are the zodiac signs that are the most dependant on others for their enjoyment, peace, and perception of a good time.

Everyone needs someone to talk to when they are happy or a little down, but some people end up depending more on other people to make them happy. 

There are a variety of reasons why someone can rely on others for emotional support. Also, because they lack emotional security, these zodiac signs are always looking for someone to make them happy.

They may occasionally feel as though their partner's approval is necessary for decisions involving their identity and self-worth. And if receiving that approval on a regular basis makes them happy, they are codependent.

Excellent poets and visionaries are Pisces. They are continuously divided between wanting to change the world and wanting to withdraw to the safe harbors of their inner worlds of vision, as shown by the two fish swimming in opposite directions.

1. Pisces

Cancers are protective, loving, and dedicated to their loved ones. Although modest,

2. Cancer

Men and women who are Scorpio are listed next. These folks require intimacy since they are delicate. I find their obsession with concealment fascinating.

3. Scorpio

Leo men and women are next on the list. Even though they could come across as stern and tough, Leo people are actually quite emotional on the inside.

4. Leo

Gemini men and women speak excessively and converse frequently, yet they nevertheless belong to the astrological signs that rely on other people for their happiness.

5. Gemini