5 Signs Your Partner Is Love Bombing You

A weekend in the Bahamas, jewelry and flowers "just because," a candlelit supper at the toughest table in town—and you've only been dating for a few weeks.

If your dates are so extravagant that even The Bachelor's producers would deem them "a bit much," you may be experiencing "love bombing," especially if they cost money.

Narcissists utilize risky love bombing. The love bomber lavishes attention, affection, and adoration on the target to make them dependent on them.

Author and relationship guru Bethany Nicole believes "grand gestures usually turn into grand requests" to recognize love bombing. "The partner begins to make big asks of the other person, things like moving in together, sharing bank accounts, lessening their time spent with others outside the relationship, or checking in on a regular basis."

1. Grand gestures become grand asks.

Another symptom of love bombing is if your partner is making these extravagant gestures before you know their middle name or who they are.

2. Excessive.

Love bombing can feel like Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," when their love is generic.

3. Disingenuous.

Love bombing is a persistent stream of attention, unlike a birthday or anniversary gift.

4. It's overbearing.

Love bombers don't respect borders. "They don't listen when you say 'no,'" Lucas explains. "They won't respect your 'no' and will try to persuade you."

5. Boundaries are violated.