5 Relationship-Destroying Dating Mistakes

We are all aware of how challenging the dating scene can be. Even if the first date leads to the second, by the fourth or fifth date, things usually start to lose their spark.

It's possible that there's an underlying problem at play if you find that you consistently have trouble moving things forward and becoming serious about them.

After consulting with professionals in the field of relationships, we gained a better understanding of the challenges that may be standing in the way of you finding a partner for the long haul.

Continue reading to learn about five dating blunders that could be causing problems in your relationships.

After numerous disastrous dates, you may want to hurry things up. According to relationship therapist Michael Ostler, LMFT, urgency may be holding you back.

1.Too fast.

Showing interest is vital in dating because people want to be wanted. According to Rubenstein, "coming on too strong" can quickly derail everything.

2.You're overstepping.

"Talking too much about yourself can leave our romantic partners feeling left-out, lonely, and even resentful," Ostler says.

3.You're self-centered.

Partner support is often sought when venting or complaining. While this is typical, Ostler warns that dwelling on the negative might ruin a relationship.

4. You're overly pessimistic.

It's different than pretending to be someone else. Rubenstein says authenticity is "essential" for long-term relationships.

5. You're fake.

The most romantic sign in the zodiac, Pisces is dreamy and passionate, making them wonderful kissers.