5 Muscle-Defining Arm Workouts for Older People

It takes more than just good looks to sculpt strong, muscular arms. (However, that's a great bonus!) Consider how important arm strength is on a daily basis.

You lift and carry heavy objects with your arms when doing household chores, playing sports like swimming and pickleball, and carrying filled laundry baskets, packages, and groceries.

MasterClass says narrow-grip chin-ups efficiently build biceps. As you supinate on the pull-up bar, your palms will face you. Bring your chin over the bar and slowly lower to the starting position.

Workout #1

Band Bicep Curls: Great for upper arm strength. Just a resistance band! Start by standing in a resistance band.

Workout #2

Inspire US says EZ bar curls are easier on your wrists than straight barbell bicep curls. EZ bar bicep curls reduce injury risk. Yeung prescribes four sets of 12 EZ bar curls for this workout.

Workout #3

Farmer's Carry: Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand for the farmer's carry. Hold the weights by your sides and walk 30 yards with good posture.

Workout #4

Hevy App says plate curls work biceps. Start by holding a weight plate's sides at your hips. Plate bottom should touch thighs. Inhale and activate abs.

Workout #5