5 John Wick Comebacks for Keanu Reeves

Although John Wick: Chapter 4 appears to close the book on the series, Keanu Reeves could possibly reprise his role as the expert assassin in John Wick 5.

In John Wick: Chapter 4, skilled assassin John Wick suffered fatal wounds, yet Keanu Reeves could return for John Wick 5. Wick was pardoned by the High Table after slaying its representative

the Marquis Vincent de Gramont, but he died from many bullet wounds during their combat. In his final moments, he asked Winston to take him "home," and Winston and the Bowery King visited their old friend at his burial

where a headstone says "John Wick, Loving Husband." John Wick: Chapter 4 seems to terminate John Wick's story, yet Keanu Reeves could return as the expert assassin for John Wick 5.

Although Reeves and Chad Stahelski have no current plans to begin filming John Wick 5, they have not ruled out working together again in the future.

Due to Stahelski's stuntwork expertise, the movie's combat sequences and car chases have transformed the action genre. Reeves' performance is one of his most famous. John Wick 4's ending gives Keanu Reeves many ways to say, "Be seeing you."

Winston and the Bowery King visit John Wick's tomb at the end of John Wick 4, but their speech suggests Wick may not be dead. Even Wick's unnamed dog seems to stare off-screen towards someone he knows in the cemetery.

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At the end of John Wick 4, Winston and the Bowery King pay their respects at John Wick's tomb, but their language suggests that Wick may not be dead. 

John Wick reveals that his hero only escaped the High Table by completing a "impossible task" for Viggo.

Viggo's Impossible Task in John Wick 5

Fans can only guess what happened because it involves multiple highly skilled assailants and a pencil. John Wick 5 may focus on time.