30 northern US states will view the northern lights tonight. It's here.

More than 50 million people in the northern U.S. may experience a night sky filled with color as the aurora borealis, often known as the northern lights, may occur there.

According to the NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center, the sun had a solar flare erupt on Friday that was pointed toward Earth, which raises the probability of seeing the brilliant spectacle.

 The aurora borealis will therefore be visible from Washington to Maine and as far south as Kansas in 30 states, according to the Space Weather Watch, if the weather cooperates.

Overall, you should expect favorable circumstances for auroral displays, according to EarthSky.

With a likelihood of a G3 (strong) geomagnetic storm developing later in the night, the Space Weather Prediction Center issued a G2 (moderate) geomagnetic storm watch until Sunday night.

Watch for geomagnetic storms

The geomagnetic storm scale used by the center comprises five levels, with G1 storms being classified as minor and G5 storms as extreme.

 According to the center, a G2 storm normally occurs 360 days every 11 years.

Depending on weather factors like cloud cover, 30 states will have a chance of seeing the northern lights.

Where will you see the northern lights?