3 Sweet And Short Poems About Falling In Love

Love possesses the ability to transform a person's life. Our selection of poems,

About falling in love might help you realize that when you are in love and you feel.

The desire to give yourself over to that special someone, the world seems to take on a more vibrant and colorful appearance.

Reading these poems may also cause you to reflect on the romantic moments that have occurred in your life or on your very first love.

You may even recite some of your favorite poetry to your beloved as a way to show how much you enjoy the time you two have spent together.

You telling me "I love you" may be the highlight of my life, the best feeling, the highest point on my feeling graph, like the Chrysler skyscraper, which is not the tallest skyscraper in New York but is the best, most elegantly spired.

Poem to First Love

I am yours, just like the perfume of linden blossoms fills the evening air in June.


is to use a lighter touch. You are strong within yourself.

To Be In Love To be in love