2023 travel destinations by zodiac sign

No 'eat, pray, love' sentimentality for your fiery personality; your idea of a holiday should get your adrenaline pumping so you can channel your inner competitiveness.


Your motto for the coming year is "live, love, and languish"; any destination that requires you to break a sweat is off the table. Consider instead picturesque towns where you can appreciate the slow life and recharge your batteries.


Photos or it didn't happen are the guiding principles of your itinerary, so it should come as no surprise that all roads lead to Instagram-worthy locales where your spontaneous personality can truly shine.


You can always count Cancer among the coziness-seekers, so extended road trips chasing the sunset have never held much appeal for you.


This zodiac sign, ruled by the sun, is not one to follow the herd. Your more-is-more personality truly enjoys exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations that will leave others begging for your itinerary.


You are naturally drawn to cultural sites that offer a glimpse into a different way of life, heritage, or bygone era. Engage in an engaging cultural walk or broaden your horizons with a museum tour.


Imaginative and idealistic in equal measure, your ideal holiday would not only need to soothe your senses but also restore your spirit. If you are seeking a break from the monotony of everyday life, consider the following.


For a sign that is inclined towards transformation, travel makes sense as a means of rebirth. Your sign has a strong affinity for earthy locales, so why not squeeze in a weekend of glamping despite your hectic schedule?


Your inner sense of adventure means that your bucket list is not a'someday' item on your vision board, as travel is therapeutic for the soul. The coming year will present new opportunities.


Your analytical nature makes it difficult for you to take a back seat when it comes to leisure—you're not the type to hop in a car and see where the road takes you.


You value collecting experiences over material possessions, and your intelligent personality views travel as an investment in yourself. While others scramble for sunset selfies, you prefer to explore less travelled paths.


When you sense that your inner storyteller is running on empty, it is time to let travel transform you. Ultimately, your romantic nature dictates that you enjoy having your heart stolen by a new place.


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