$200M Gwyneth Paltrow, a wealthy Marvel star who has won an Oscar, dictated strict terms before appearing in court because she is a "famous actress."

Gwyneth Paltrow, an Oscar winner and the creator of Goop, is embroiled in a prominent legal battle following a hit-and-run skiing accident at Utah's Deer Valley Resort in 2016.

The plaintiff, Terry Sanderson, alleges that Gwyneth Paltrow ran into him while he was skiing, seriously hurt him, and then left him there.

Paltrow and her legal team are asking that stringent restrictions be put in place prior to the actress's appearance in court for the trial,

which has drawn worldwide attention. Paltrow predicted that the trial would become a media circus as a result of the trial's increased visibility on a global scale.

According to documents obtained by RadarOnline, Paltrow and her solicitor requested that strict measures be taken before the actress appeared in court.

Gwyneth proposed the idea to the actressApparently, Paltrow is a "famous actor."

Paltrow justified her request by claiming that there would be an excessive number of reporters

present at the trial and that she wanted to protect both the in attendance kids and "the jurors and the witnesses."

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