15 Pointers For Dating A Taurus Woman

What makes a Taurus unique? They are intensely sensual beings who view sex as the highest form of art. Not really surprising,

1. Taurus women are feminine and sexual

A Taurus woman has tremendous emotional fortitude and determines her own course in life. She is a self-reliant woman. A Taurus will eventually find her way out of even the messiest situations; just put her in a maze and watch her.

2. Their shatter-the-glass-ceiling personality

Much as Taurus women enjoy exploring their sensuous side, they also enjoy occasionally going on culinary adventures.

3. They are good cooks

You are attracted to Taureans because of their stability and sense of reality. They are peaceful because it comes naturally to them.

4. Taureans have their feet planted firmly on the ground

If you're dating a Taurus, you should be aware of how diligent they are. They put a lot of effort into achieving their goals and dreams.

5. They don’t shy away from hard work

The violent immovability and stubbornness of Taureans is well known. If you are dating a Taurus, you need develop some coping mechanisms.

6. Impossible to change the mind of Taureans

Isn't change extremely frightening? You have no idea what awaits you on the mountain's other side. When you dig for something, you never know what you'll find.

7. They are scared of change

Who doesn't enjoy being a little indulgent occasionally? We can't fault a Taurus woman for taking pleasure in her spending power.

8. No harm in being a little materialistic

So now that you're fawning over this adorable Taurus native, you obviously want to know everything there is to know about dating Taurus women, including how to turn them on.

9. What turns them on

You must understand how to complement a Taurus if you are dating them. You might not want to direct them or micromanage them.

10. Things that drive them away

When there is art, there is beauty, and vice versa, as I like to believe. Since Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, represents love, harmony, art, and beauty, Taurus women are drawn to both beauty and the arts.

11. Music, movies, museums – they are all about art

Taureans enjoy receiving and giving love. Since they are hopeless romantics, they don't engage in casual dating. A Taurus woman will blush when you compliment her.

12. Yes, they are hopeless romantics

Even though they will always put their family first, they will always make time for their friends. A Taurus woman has a lot of maternal qualities.

13. They are family-oriented

You must be aware of a Taurus's strengths if you are dating them. They are incredibly trustworthy. They are incredibly calm and straightforward individuals.

14. Their strengths

Given their shared personality features, Virgo and Taurus are considered to be the ideal match. Both the signs value loyalty and despise deception. The compatibility of a Taurus woman is ideal with:

15. A Taurus woman’s best and worst matches

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