12 Love-Sparkling Blue-Eyed Cat Breeds

More cat science to surprise your friends: Rose claims Siamese with colorpoint coats have a reversal kind of albinism caused by a temperature-sensitive mutation in the TYR gene.


The unique and beautiful Balinese, a long-haired Siamese breed, was only recognized in the early 1950s.


As early as the 1600s, Europeans lusted after the Persian. In 1906, the fledgling Cat Fanciers' Association in the US registered him as its first breed.


The Himalayan, a mix between a Siamese and Persian, is known as a colorpoint Persian.


Who's this fluff? Birman fans call this gem "ridiculously lovely" and "total cuddlepuff."


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The charming ragdoll is one of the most popular cat breeds and a pleasant pet. Kind and loving,


A blue-eyed gray cat? Please give us two. He's more than just a gorgeous face. His Siamese and Burmese parents gave him one of the Tonkinese crossbreed's stylish coats.


The snowshoe tells us that every cat breed with blue eyes is unique. Being a domestic combination of a Siamese and an American shorthair,


The pleasant colorpoint shorthair causes debate among cat lovers for no reason. Frequently a seal-point Siamese cross (the characteristic fawn or cream body with dark seal—considered a gray hue—colorpoint).

Colorpoint Shorthair

Who's this charming devil? A good luck charm, particularly in Thailand. The Khao Manee, also known as the Khao Plort, is pronounced "cow-muh-nee."

Khao Manee

The name means "blue eyes" in Spanish, and this beautiful cat understands how to pose. Few of them exist, making them mysterious.

Ojos Azules

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