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10 signs a Taurus man loves you.


A Taurus man will always give you his undivided attention when he is around you. He will listen to you with patience and show genuine interest in your life.

He is attentive

A Taurus man is known for his reliability and consistency. When he loves someone, he will make sure to be there for them whenever they need him.

He is consistent

A Taurus man is not afraid to show his love through physical gestures like holding hands, hugging, or kissing. He will express his love through his actions.

He is affectionate

A Taurus man is a bit possessive when it comes to his loved ones. He will want to protect you and make sure that you are safe and secure.

He is possessive

A Taurus man is a true romantic at heart. He will go out of his way to make you feel special and loved.

He is romantic

Loyalty is one of the most important values for a Taurus man. If he loves you, he will remain loyal to you no matter what.

He is loyal

A Taurus man is known for his generosity. He will shower you with gifts and surprises to show his love and affection.

He is generous

A Taurus man is patient by nature. He will take his time to understand you and your needs and will never rush you into anything.

He is patient 

A Taurus man will always support your dreams and aspirations. He will encourage you to pursue your goals and be there to cheer you on.

He is supportive

When a Taurus man loves someone, he is committed for the long haul. He will do everything in his power to make the relationship work and last a lifetime.

He is committed

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