10 creepiest baby shower cakes

Creepy cakes to choose from for a baby shower.

Gingerbread woman pushing out a baby cake.

Zombie baby

Hope for mom's baby's survival.

Pancake baby

Nondimensional cake is a nightmare to eat.

The Exorcist

Congratulations on producing Satan.

I can see the head!

Creepy, but tasty glazed strawberries and chocolate sprinkle butthole..

Good luck eating this

Rachel apologizes for making us not want to eat cake again.

experience his kicks?

Wee fondant feet kicking out of a stomach makes us cringe.

A whole new level of weird

A slice of placenta cake with medical instruments.

Interesting color choice

Congratulations on the birth of your baby swamp monster, please?

X-ray vision

The pink zebra-patterned outfit is worse than the creepy ultrasound.

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