10 Contemporary Tattoos for Parents Who Want to Honor Their Children

Parents can celebrate their children with contemporary tattoos.

A tattoo featuring an animal and its offspring might honor parenthood.


If you're sick of getting tattoos of small hands and feet, try this one instead.


Thanks to @rebellenoire, a coloring book for anytime use.

Coloring book

Get a tattoo of a flower in bloom to mark the birth of your child.

Seasonal flowers

It doesn't get any cuter (or more simple) than that: a heart for each child!

Tiny hearts

To mark the occasion of a child's birth, dates can be stacked or a location's coordinates might be used.

Roman numerals

Your tattoo will stick out and be more distinctive if you include arrows and fonts.


An instant can be captured by getting a tattoo in your child's writing.

Kid writing

Make your children's zodiac signs a tribute to them.

Zodiac sign

A modest and attractive substitute for zodiac tattoos are constellations.


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