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We Ate Our Way Through Burger King, and This Is the Best Burger

    We Ate Our Way Through Burger King, and This Is the Best Burger

    Burger King is well-known for its flame-broiled burger patties and “have it your way” policy. Yet, with posh-sounding titles like “Steakhouse King,” you could be confused about which flame-kissed burger to choose. Jonathan, my carnivorous husband, and I tried a bunch of different burgers so you wouldn’t have to.

    From OK to excellent, these are the Burger King burgers we would most want to eat again. (Although, to be honest, we are unsure of how often we will purchase; the website is confusing, and many of their locations don’t seem to enable online purchasing.) Our rankings of the best burgers at Burger King will save you the trouble of trying to find out where they stand. Also, read We Ate at McDonald’s Every Burger, and This One Tops Them All to find out why.

    1. Hamburger

    This is a basic burger with ketchup and pickles. Not quite a heart-racing experience, but it did satisfy our need for charred flavor. When compared to similar items, this one has fewer calories, which may be a relevant consideration for some people.

    2. The Supreme Leader of the Bacon Nation

    Overall, this was a satisfying meal, albeit the bacon wasn’t as prominent as one would want in a burger with the word “bacon” in the title. Two beef patties are topped with American cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise, and two pieces of bacon. However, it is one of the more costly choices at our local BK (at $6.49), so we’re not quite sure we’d have it again.

    3. The Double-Stacker

    Comparable to the Bacon King, this one was almost indiscernible. Two quarter-pound patties, American cheese, and bacon are included. The “Stacker Condiment,” which looked to be a tart mayonnaise-based sauce, set this one apart. To top it all off, it tasted great. However, we were ultimately underwhelmed, just as we were with the Bacon King.

    4. The Supreme Authority of Steakhouses

    This is the ultimate burger for those who share my love of A1 sauce. This burger consists of two quarter-pound patties topped with three half-strips of bacon, American cheese, A1 sauce, and crispy onions. The crunchy onions are a little lost in the mix, but the burger is still tasty.

    5. Melted cheese on a burger

    We had the lone burger from this traditional menu item, and it was delicious. All the same fixings as a triple, but as Jonathan put it, “the patties are swamped.” A triple Whopper, and we’d wager a double, has better equilibrium.

    6. The Triple Whopper

    To eat something that tastes like you’re in a restaurant, this is your best bet, and it was Jonathan’s favorite of the night’s burgers. He added, “This one is all about the toppings.” In spite of the chaos, we decided to forgive them. American cheese, fresh onion, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and mayonnaise top three thin patties. Normally, I remove the raw onion, but its zinginess was perfect in this dish. At $7.29, this was our priciest item, but the extra weight made it worthwhile.

    7. Rodeo B. F. G.

    Without question, this was my favorite part. I can get by without a double cheeseburger, but I do want things to look impressive. The “sweet and smokey” BBQ sauce and two onion rings on top of the beef patty in the Rodeo Burger were the perfect complements. Consider ordering this burger instead of splurging on a full side of onion rings.

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