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Top 10 recipes for healthy burgers

    Top 10 recipes for healthy burgers

    Enjoy the very best of what a barbecue has to offer this summer with the Good Food editors’ picks for their favorite healthy burgers. You can be sure that these recipes will make you healthier because they are based on the barbecue master’s go-to dish, which has been given the most extensive makeover possible. These burgers are loaded with mouthwatering flavors that are appropriate for the season, from outstanding bean patties to fabulous fish patties. Check out our collection of healthy barbecue recipes if you’re looking for a dish that’s easier on the stomach but still packs a lot of flavor.

    1. Prawn & salmon burgers

    Top 10 recipes for healthy burgers

    Make these easy prawn and salmon burgers for a fabulous fishy feast that is full of nourishing goodness and rich in omega-3. It only takes a few minutes to put together. Both the spicy mayonnaise mix for an extra kick of flavor and the crunchy salad topping are favorites of ours. Because they only require 15 minutes of preparation time, you won’t have to spend as much time slaving away in the kitchen.

    2. Chickpea & coriander burgers

    These delicious chickpea and coriander burgers are not only packed with flavor but also provide two of your recommended daily servings of vegetables. Believe us when we tell you that this perfectly spiced patty has a low amount of fat; we know you won’t believe us at first. A simple can of chickpeas can be transformed into something truly remarkable with the addition of some fresh red onion and some fiery chili sauce.

    3. Jerk chicken burgers

    Our jerk chicken burgers, which take their inspiration from Jamaican cuisine and are grilled to perfection and served with all of your favorite toppings, turn up the heat on the seasoning. People will want more of this incredibly straightforward recipe, which is ready in just twenty minutes and requires very little effort. This is the dish to make when you need a quick dinner or a quick fix for your next barbecue because it is both.

    4. Turkey & coriander burgers with guacamole

    Top 10 recipes for healthy burgers

    It is a proven fact that adding a dollop of creamy guacamole to anything makes it taste better, and this holds true for our simple turkey and coriander burgers as well. To counteract the heat of the avocado mixture, load your bread rolls to the brim with burgers that have been grilled to a golden brown, guacamole, and sweet Peppadew peppers.

    5. Smoky mushroom burgers

    Utilize these fungi to their full potential by preparing our smoky mushroom burgers with melty cheese and extremely decadent roasted garlic mayonnaise. The flavor of the garlic cloves is brought out to its full potential when they are cooked before being used, and once we tasted it, we couldn’t get enough of it. To create a dish that will steal the show, finish your stuffed mushrooms with plenty of caramelized sticky onions and cheddar cheese. Even people who have a strong aversion to mushrooms will enjoy these impressive patties.

    6. Easy vegan burgers

    You can make a plant-based option that isn’t lacking in flavor by grilling or baking a polenta burger to perfection. Polenta burgers can be made either on the grill or in the oven. We strongly suggest preparing a large quantity and then freezing it so that it is ready to use whenever you require it. Make the base more substantial by using sweet potato and sweet corn. These burgers are well worth the effort because they have an irresistible crunch on that all-important first bite, which is provided by the polenta. Serve with our quick and simple tomato salsa, which can be put together in just five minutes.

    7. Beef burgers with sweet potato wedges

    This recipe is perfect for you if you simply cannot fathom having a barbecue without beef burgers. Make these straightforward patties by combining lean ground beef, fresh chili, and garlic, and serving them with crispy wedges seasoned with paprika. This dish is sure to please a large number of people while at the same time causing you no unnecessary stress in the kitchen. These delicious and healthy burgers are outstanding in every respect.

    8. Tangy tuna burgers

    Top 10 recipes for healthy burgers

    Make our uncomplicated and tangy tuna burgers for two people to enjoy a new take on an old favorite. The preparation of this uncomplicated dinner can be completed in just twenty-five minutes. To prepare this dish, you will only need fresh tuna steak and a small handful of additional ingredients, which you will then cook to your liking. These burgers have a flavor infusion that is reminiscent of Asian cuisine thanks to the ginger, garlic, and soy; if you’re feeling adventurous, try topping them with a drizzle of sweet chili sauce. We are confident that you will adore them from the very first to the very last bite.

    9. Mushroom & chickpea burgers

    Who knew that chickpeas and mushrooms were such a perfect complement to one another? We did. Make these veggie burgers with a yogurt that is seasoned with cumin; the recipe calls for ingredients that you probably already have on hand, so there is no need to make any hurried trips to the grocery store. If you’re looking for a lunch that’s a little bit different, these burgers are a fantastic option to consider rather than soggy sandwiches.

    10. Miso burgers

    Top 10 recipes for healthy burgers

    We can’t get enough of miso, especially when it’s made into burgers and served with a slaw that features fresh mint and pomegranate seeds. These beauties are low in calories, low in fat, and provide a welcome change from bean-based vegetarian options. They are packed with vegetables. Try it with a few drops of lime juice and a heaping helping of the slaw made with carrots and cabbage.

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