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The Top 6 Fast Food Restaurants That Grill Their Burgers

    The Top 6 Fast Food Restaurants That Grill Their Burgers

    Fast-food restaurants often use flat-top grills, also known as griddles, to prepare hamburgers. These are typically big steel slabs that are heated at high temperatures so that hundreds of patties may be quickly slapped down onto them and cooked. There is a distinct flavor when burgers are cooked over open flames, as is still practiced by some.

    Let us be clear: we in no way want to imply that burgers cooked on a flat-top griddle are inferior. Five Guys and Smashburger, two of the best-known fast-food burger joints, both cook their patties on flat-top grills. Not only that but so do many of the biggest fast-food franchises, such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

    While some of the fat and liquids that give a burger its flavor would inevitably slip away when grilling over an open flame, this is not the case when cooking on a griddle. Or it will disappear into thin air.

    However, the scorching touch of genuine flames adds a great deal of taste. Are there advantages to using one approach over another? No. Is it okay to have a strong preference for one cooking technique over another? Seven popular fast-food restaurants that serve burgers cooked over an open flame are listed below.

    1. King of Fast Food

    Burger King’s signature flame grilling method has been in use since the company’s inception. It’s official; BK has its own website, which says: “Since our very first day in business in 1954, Burger King has used a flame grill. Indeed, it has been the case from the very beginning. To cook your beef patty to perfection, we utilize nothing but actual fire.” The charred patterns on a Rodeo Burger, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, or Whopper? That is the genuine article.

    2. A Carl’s Jr.

    Carl’s Jr. burgers (and select chicken sandwiches) have that authentic charred flavor and texture since they are grilled over an open flame. According to Mashed, the burgers are prepared in a flame broiler, a contraption with a conveyor belt that drags the beef through a chamber where flames lick from both the top and the bottom, frying the meat swiftly and imparting a delicious taste.

    3. Burger joint with a habit

    This burger franchise, headquartered in California, has been rapidly growing over the last several years, and it now has a strong foothold on both coasts. According to its legion of devoted customers, Habit’s burgers are among the best in the country, so its expansion is fantastic news. Each burger is chargrilled over an open flame, which contributes much to its high quality.

    4. To Count On

    You’ll need to be in Hawaii, California, Florida, New York City, or northern Virginia to locate one of the handful of The Counter Custom Burger restaurants at this time. The Counter’s made-to-order, flame-grilled burgers, nevertheless, are so good that you should go out of your way to locate one. On TripAdvisor, a customer at a New York City restaurant said, “Everything came out great.”

    5. BGR

    Burgers Grilled Right, or BGR as the restaurant prefers to be known, serves burgers grilled over open, licking flames. And everything is made fresh to order for each individual consumer. Even though there are just 12 BGR restaurants as of right now, they are spread out throughout five states and the District of Columbia, with outposts as far-flung as Georgia, New Jersey, and Utah.

    6. There was a Red Robin.

    Since the menu at Red Robin is so wide and diverse, it’s preferable for first-timers to peruse it online before they arrive. Or, if you’re certain that flame-cooked burgers are your absolute favorite, you can skip the research and go straight for Red Robin’s Tavern Burgers “100% of our Tavern patty is created with natural, domestic, USDA-inspected cattle. These patties are frozen until they are needed for a certain menu item. This is done because a patty of this size flame broils precisely on our cooking equipment, giving our customers the same high level of enjoyment they’ve come to expect from our Tavern Burgers.”

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