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The 8 Greatest slices of cheese for Burgers

    The 8 Greatest slices of cheese for Burgers

    A flavorful, gooey cheeseburger is the best comfort food ever. You can’t go wrong with these cheeses if you’re planning on making one. Melty American cheese is a staple, and smoked gouda is fantastic with barbecue sauce on burgers. Cheese lovers should not overlook cheddar, since it pairs well with a wide variety of condiments and sauces, from pickled slaw and fried shallots to tarragon Russian dressing. These cheeses, and more of the finest cheeses for burgers, may be found in the recipes that follow.

    1. U.S. Cheddar

    Hot, gooey American cheese is perfect for burgers. Hot Hatch Chile Smash Burgers are best enjoyed with a “queso-like moment” of Hatch chile salsa. Also, Wesley Genovart’s Bacon and Kimchi Burgers and Edward Lee’s Fried Green Tomato Double Cheeseburgers are some of our absolute favorites.

    2. Brie

    Wayfare Tavern, in San Francisco, has the best bacon burgers in the United States.
    Photograph by: JOHN KENRICK
    Brie’s ultra-gooey, creamy texture may elevate a basic burger to gourmet status. Tastes great melted on a Brioche Bun and Bacon Burger.

    3. Cheddar

    These BLT Burgers with Tarragon Russian Dressing have cheddar cheese, another traditional burger topper. (If you’re looking for a wine recommendation, we’d go with a robust Cabernet.) Cheddar may also be stuffed into the patties, like in this Pickled Slaw and Fried Shallot-Stuffed Burgers. A devoted consumer of turkey burgers? Dan Kluger’s Next-Level Turkey Burgers with lemon aioli and barbecue sauce benefit from the addition of Cheddar as well. Try Fleishers’ Perfect Burger if you’re in the mood for a straightforward cheeseburger; it comes standard with cheddar cheese, butter lettuce, red onion, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

    4. Jack of Monterey

    One of the greatest melting cheeses, Monterey Jack is ideal for a melty cheese sauce like the one used on Bobby Flay’s Nacho Burgers. Monterey Jack, with its hearty yet mild flavor, pairs well with spicy Italian sausage and ground chuck in Michael Symon’s 50/50 Burgers, among other assertive combinations.

    5. Jack Pepper

    Pepper jack cheese and ghost chile powder are the basis for Michael Symon’s Atomic Chile Jack Cheeseburgers, which also include mayonnaise, sliced red onion, pickled jalapenos, and cilantro.

    6. Provolone

    These Italian-Sausage Burgers may be created with either mild or spicy Italian sausages, or a mix of the two, and then topped with anchovy paste and garlic-flavored silky spinach, sun-dried tomato pesto, and provolone cheese.

    7.Smoky Gouda

    Barbecue-Sauced Smoked Gouda and Bacon Burgers
    Try these patty melt-style burgers with smoked Gouda and smoky barbecue sauce.


    Port and Stilton Umami Burgers Adam Fleischman’s huge, robust Umami Burgers benefit greatly from the combination of the pungent, salty Stilton and the sweet, savory port reduction and (optional) Umami dust. Mini cheeseburgers with onion jam are another great way to sample Stilton.

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