Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Darkest Secret

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Aries: Google yourself

Aries is the zodiac's bold entrepreneur. Because you're confident and aggressive, you never show perspiration. While you seem not to care about others' judgements of your decisions, you do.

Taurus: Binge-watching

Taurus is known for having elevated tastes. You work hard to curate a stylish lifestyle, from the way you decorate your home to your wardrobe. And while you don't do it for other people's sake.

Gemini: Ignoring group chat

Gemini is sociable. You host plenty of parties on weekends, so people contact you first when they want to have fun. You adore being the centre of attention, but occasionally you need a break.

Cancer: Snooping

You adore listening to others' troubles so much that you can't help yourself. Individuals may believe their secrets are secure in public, but you're constantly listening.

Leo: Acting like a reality

You have the charisma to become a star, so can anybody blame you for conjuring up situations for the pilot episode of your own TV show? Who knows? You may become famous.


Virgo: Public reading

Even if you're sipping coffee or waiting for a buddy with a book, you probably haven't read a page since leaving the home. Until someone asks about your book, your secret is protected.

Libra: Texting your ex

Libras are the best flirts. You can schmooze just enough to let someone relax, no matter how closed-off they look.Despite your best attempts to move on, you keep texting that troublemaker ex. 

Scorpio: "Never Have I Ever"

Hence, playing "Never Have I Ever" at a party may need some white lies. Your life experiences are so extreme that you know anybody who hears them would never view you the same way.

Sagittarius: Lying

 Sagittarians have trouble committing. You'll change your mind 12 times before choosing a brunch spot or a vacation spot.You're double- or triple-booked because you're impulsive. 

Capricorn: Shower-singing 

Capricorns are stern. You adore slipping silly things into your schedule since it takes a lot of discipline to build the habits you need to achieve. If requested, you have a great shower karaoke voice. 

Aquarius: Dinner cereal

Aquarius is oddest. You prefer to defy convention. You rebel in little ways to remind yourself that you're an individual since the daily grind might wear you down.

Pisces: Funny pet

Pisces are the most imaginative sign. You adore daydreaming about universes where you can be anything. Your imagination is so vivid that you can't tell reality from fantasy.

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