Your ideal Valentine's Day date

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ARIES  Get a tattoo

 Consider writing a meaningful message in a somewhat less permanent kind of ink on the back of your partner using a sharpie if you're allergic to needles or just got together.

TAURUS Toga celebration

 Insist on togas, sheer fabric, or nakedness as the dress code, burn an extraterrestrial number of candles, purchase very, very fine wine, and fill every bowl with fruit.


 Whether the questions and outcomes are based on existing information for couples with a history or a guessing game for the newly coupled, it's a great exercise in communication exchange, Geminis' strongest suit.

CANCER Recreating

. Either by returning to the site of the heart steal or by combining components of the experience; i.e. creating a dish inspired by the restaurant, taking mugs from the café .

LEO Make art 

Paint, photograph, or otherwise depict the Leo in your life in a state of relaxation, grand practise, or beautiful buff. Leo controls the fifth house of creativity, and play.

VIRGO Visit 

If the weather allows, organise a lunch and a lengthy romantic stroll in the woods/park. Consider a walk around botanical gardens or a greenhouse if the temperature is too chilly for this activity. 


LIBRA Feed them

As a symbol of cooperation, they do care, and you had best come through with something classy and unusual, and don't even consider about carnations. 


Scorpios like alone and secrecy, and are delighted by a clandestine surprise. Respect their desires by bringing them to a speakeasy, a cemetery, or an escape room.


You'll get a free one-month membership with a huge selection of over 3,000 songs, ensuring you'll discover your favourite tunes to sing along to.Valentine's Day should be spent singing with your Sagittarius partner.


Capricorn is committed to the long term and the premium return. They don't have time or money to spend on small conversation or cheap advances, so the move here is to engage in the "36 Questions That Lead to Love,".

AQUARIUS Go stargazing

Aquarius is connected with advanced thought, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and other futuristic endeavours. Take them to an observatory or a secluded spot with clear sky to contemplate their otherworldliness.

PISCES Create a cinema

Prepare a projector and a romantic retreat for the Pisces in your life.Walmart Pisces is governed by Neptune, the planet of dreams, fantasies, and cinema's natural home. 

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