Which cat is ideal for your star sign?

Aries – Bengal cat

These animals are a wonderful representation of the Ram sign, which is associated with a fiery, ambitious, wild, and loving temperament. The low-maintenance needs of Bengal cats make them a good fit for the hectic lifestyles of Arians.

Taurus – Russian Blue

Like the Russian Czars that they descend from, Russian Blue Cats are fussy about when they eat and how they feel, which is a trait that Taureans share in spades. They tend to be relaxed, which fits very well with the sign's emphasis on monetary rewards.

Gemini – Siamese cat

 A person born under this sign is outgoing, clever, and inquisitive by nature. It's common knowledge that Siamese cats are very talkative and affectionate with their human carers. There is no better fit than this.

Cancer – Sphynx cat

Because of their sensitivity, Sphynx cats need special attention and a loving home. Intuitively resembling the sensitive nature of Cancerians, these felines like a good dunk in the water and some loving patting every once in a while.

Leo – Maine Coon

The Lion symbolises the fiery sign of Leo. The big-hearted, spotlight-loving Leo might discover a kindred spirit in the Maine Coon breed of cats. They are the best match for Leo because of their attractive appearance, kind nature, and lively character.


Virgo – Persian cat

Both signs are known for their quiet, introverted, and often finicky natures. Virgo, represented by the Virgin, is an earth sign recognised for being rule-abiding and grounded to a remarkable degree. In short, they'd make wonderful guardians of a Persian cat.

Libra – Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats, who are also known for their friendliness and beauty, are among the most sought-after breeds. Furthermore, they have a strong desire to be in their owners' company, making them an ideal pet for a Libra. 

Scorpio – Bombay cat

Scorpios are not only very perceptive but also one of the most passionate signs. The Bombay cat, while being all black, exudes royal majesty and an air of quiet intensity. The secretive nature of these felines is a lot like that of their Scorpio owners

Sagittarius – American Shorthair

Sagittarius, the last fire sign of the zodiac. The couple is adventurous, fearless, and full of hope. As Sagittarians and the pedigreed American Shorthair tabby have many of the same characteristics, the two make a great pair.

Capricorn – Serval cat

Saturn, the planet that controls over time and order, governs this zone. Like everyone else, they have lofty goals. Because to their extreme independence, a Serval breed would be ideal for them. Like the Serval cat, a Capricorn values privacy.

Aquarius – Cornish Rex

The most perceptive of the zodiac's twelve. The Cornish Rex breed is slim, outgoing, and active. They have a laid-back demeanour and are eager to strike up a conversation. Cats with Aquarius souls might consider adopting a Cornish Rex.

Pisces – Birman cat

Long-haired and stocky, this cat is said to have originated in Burma. Even though it is a very timid cat, it bonds intensely with its chosen human companion. In astrology, Pisces is the last zodiac sign, and its characteristics include empathy, sagacity, and a strong spirituality.

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