Which Star Signs Have the Most Stress?


Because of your extreme anxiousness, you've become impatient and irritable. When the pressure gets to be too much, people should stay away from you because you might erupt.


You manage to stifle your anxiety, but the stress is building up inside of you, and it may cause some minor health issues down the road.


Your stress levels will rise in direct proportion to your anxiety. The only way to release your feelings and go on is to physically release your tension.


You need to keep your superego happy, so attempt to calm your nerves as much as you can. This is a tall order, though.



You can get anxious if you don't get what you want because you have a volatile personality and are one of the most immature zodiac signs.


You're laid-back and try to avoid conflict at all costs, yet you start to feel anxious when events don't progress quickly enough.


Angry outbursts are really infrequent, yet under pressure you always have a major meltdown. Your friends and neighbors ought to be on guard.


At times you feel rather anxious, and at the first sign of doubt you make no bones about venting your feelings through vigorous exercise.


In spite of setbacks, you always manage to retain your cool. You never lose your cool and can keep your cool under pressure.

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While your temperament isn't tense, you do suffer from illogical fears that can lead to violent panic attacks.


You're the most nervous and stressed out zodiac sign, and it shows in your physical health.

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