What flavour muffin best describes your zodiac?

ARIES: English muffin

The golden cooked English muffin symbolises life with an Aries, with all of its nooks and crevices, which is like travelling at high speeds over an extremely bumpy road. Toss in the fact that Samuel B. Thomas, the 19th-century Aries who introduced the English muffin.

TAURUS :Chocolate chip

Taurus is the most self-indulgent sign, and its members see oral sex as a kind of aerobics, creamed spinach as a salad, and Entemann's packed tiny muffins as a healthy snack. Spelling maintains that a lack of high fructose corn syrup.

GEMINI: Coffee cake

 These muffins, the incessant chitchat, the insatiable curiosity, the constant blathering and the occasional splurging. Geminis have a strong preference for caffeinated beverages and have a wide range of ADHD symptoms.

CANCER : Blueberry

Cancer is a gloomy old man or woman, given to crooning sad songs and stuffing their face with blueberry muffins since sadness and carbs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Mindy Kaling, a Cancer comedienne (sad clowns abound with this lot).

LEO :Banana 

The lion is the symbol of Leo, and despite the common misconception that lions belong in the jungle, they really prefer the open plains of the savannah, the scrub, or the grassland. Leo is known for being the centre of attention.

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VIRGO: Apple cinnamon

Virgo is symbolised by the Hermit card in the major arcana of the tarot, which depicts a wise old man or woman who withdraws from society into the forest in order to gain the wisdom and healing powers she then shares with the rest of the world.

LIBRA : Pumpkin

 Pumpkin Spice would always be Libra if she were a secret member of the Spice Girls. Wildly popular, and simple to enjoy, they go down easily, accessorise for the season, smell expensive and are ever striving to marry into money.

SCORPIO: Cranberry

Furthermore, UTIs are often treated with cranberries, which are ruled by Scorpio. Scorpio in its fullest manifestation is the sign of profound metamorphosis and complete healing, much as citrus fruits and cranberries both have therapeutic uses.


A Sagittarius's innate characteristics include a desire for adventure, exploration, and enlightenment. The native peoples of the Americas had been roasting, colouring, and grinding maize for centuries before the European invaders arrived.


Capricorns, who are ruled by Saturn, the harsh father planet of discipline, retribution, and purification, often suffer from an overbearing urge to be realistic and an absence of imagination. The bran muffin, representing the Cap daddy philosophy .

AQUARIUS : Zucchini

Long hair, acid trips, sandals, and LSD are all cultural touchstones for the Age of Aquarius. Vegetable-centric baked goods, such zucchini muffins, saw a surge in popularity thanks to the hippie subculture. 

PISCES : Lemon poppy

Pisces are the hopeless romantics of the zodiac; they think their cheating, monster ex can be transformed into their perfect match if they only give love a chance. Opiates, altered moods, and the thin barrier between realms, dreams, and Catholic confessionals.


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