Valentine's Day drinks we really enjoy


The current martini combines exceptionally well with chocolaty sweets, such as these fuss-free chocolate truffles, or may simply serve as dessert on its own. 

Martinez Cocktail

This sophisticated variation on the Martinez is the creation of bartender and author Harper Fendler. Garnish the completed cocktail with a fresh sprig of gently charred rosemary for an almost-certainly impressive garnish.

 Pink Coconut 

A dash of pink coconut water, whose colour is the result of oxidation, adds a refreshing element to this simple but attractive rendition of the traditional cosmo. 

 Pom Fizz

Meet the new best friend of your bar cart for Valentine's Day and beyond: a ridiculously simple, one-ingredient pomegranate syrup that pairs well with sparkling white wine or Prosecco.

Seedlip Clover

The original Clover Club recipe is updated to be alcohol-free with the addition of Seedlip Garden 108, a herbal non-alcoholic spirit, and a splash of handmade raspberry syrup, which imparts a stunning scarlet tint.


Smoky Pear

With a few component adjustments (in this example, a mix of tequila and mezcal, pear juice, and ginger), one of the summer's most popular drinks is transformed into a Valentine's Day companion.

 Iced Coffee 

This caffeinated take on the Negroni from Chlo Callow's Cold Brew Coffee demonstrates that cocktails and coffee go hand-in-hand. Its taste profile is well balanced.

 Gin Martini

Consider this your tried-and-true guide to producing the ideal Martini for you, replete with ideas for adapting the recipe to your preferences and helpful equipment for date night at home.

Mint Sparkler

Fresh herbs, lemon, and blackberry jam (yes, jam) combine to create an effervescent mocktail that lacks no alcohol whatsoever. However, vodka or rum would compliment the ingredients .

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