Top 10 Most Generous Star Signs


A Libra always tries to be kind to others around them. Always look for the Libra in the room; they're the ones attempting to calm the group down and put out any raging flames. It's just who they are to keep everyone calm and at peace.


Pisces is the most altruistic sign in the zodiac, and they thrive when they're in a position to aid others. While their excessively concerned personality may come out as artificial or arrogant, it is real and not an effort to be loved. 


Taurus is certainly the most welcoming sign in the zodiac. For a Taurus, being kind is about more than just helping out those in need. Indeed, they are the kind of person that always smiles and says "hello" to strangers.


Although they may dabble in other pursuits, friendship is their major focus. Aquarians are curious by nature and love discovering what sets new individuals apart. The Aquarius horoscope predicts that those born under this sign.



 One reason Sagittarians are so pleasant to be around is because they avoid anything or anybody they could find unpleasant. All they care about is getting through each day, so if you want to hang around with them, you must think similarly.


There's a good reason this sign is towards the bottom of the nicest sun signs. A Gemini man or woman, is capable of great kindness if they so choose. Those in a Gemini's inner circle are continually singing their praises for their open heart and kind spirit.


They feel right now, regardless of whether it means shutting themselves away or crying it out. A Cancer man or Cancer woman's happiness may be maintained just by being listened to (and not unleash their mean-streak).


Those who intentionally provoke them are met with swift and severe punishment. They have a high threshold for kindness, but their cruel side comes out if they're emotionally mistreated or made to appear terrible.


Virgos have a reputation for being passive-aggressive. It means they won't bother you directly or engage in petty behaviour behind your back if they intend to annoy you. A Virgo guy changes dramatically when he falls in love.


After getting beyond the first scorn and cutting remarks, you may realise that an Aries is really one of the most caring signs. The problem is that Aries isn't afraid to create a fight if they think it would help everyone involved move on. 

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