The Top 10 Dogs for Novices

They are agile and athletic. But despite their sleek physiques and fast gait, this is a breed that loves nothing more than "to curl up and lay on the couch," shares Brorsen.


Bruns says that because they are so flexible and patient, this breed works well with multiple animals. They are also known to be extra gentle around babies and toddlers

King Charles Spaniel

 Cavelier King Charles Spaniels are "known for their fun-loving, gentle dispositions while also retaining the spunkiness of other sporting spaniel breeds, making them a good fit for a variety of pet parent lifestyles."

 Boston Terrier

This breed is low maintenance because it doesn't shed or drool much, is simple to groom, and needs only moderate exercise to stay healthy. Because of their "impeccable manners,".

Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkie is also a wonderful breed for people who live alone, as they're high on the AKC's watchdog meter. They say that the Yorkie has all the characteristics of a "true terrier,".

Shih Tzu.


They are somewhat fussy when it comes to personal hygiene. "Mustaches and top knots need daily combing, and undereye bags can be removed with a damp cloth. 


Maltese may not be the best breed if you are gone from the house for the majority of the day. Maltese, due to their sociable nature, prefer to be with their owners, according to Bruns.


 Good puppy socialisation is key to their development, according to the adoption website, so you might want to take your new pet to a group play session or the neighbourhood dog park.


Although Goldens are less active than Labrador retrievers, they still need daily exercise. The American Kennel Club even recommends them as "long run and bike ride" companions.

Golden Retriever

This breed is great for the beach because of its high activity level and its affinity for the water, which also makes it a breeze to bathe. The only caveat is that you might wind up spending a lot of time cleaning.

Labrador Retriever

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