The Sweater for Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Cowl Neck

Aries are risk-takers. You're confident and willing to be recognised for your work.Wear a bright cowl neck sweater to show off your energy and drive. The playful silhouette and timeless style will make you feel ready for any event.

Taurus: Cashmere

A classic cashmere sweater—the ultimate luxury item—makes sense. This wardrobe essential is soft and constructed of high-quality fibres. It'll endure decades if properly maintained.

Gemini: Cardigan

We suggest replenishing your wardrobe with cardigans. They're great for dressing up without adding bulk. Keep your choices open by getting one in every hue of the rainbow.

Cancer: Wool

A traditional wool sweater will complement your collection since you love soft materials and shapes. Wear it to be warm while out with friends or for your favourite kind of evening—a night snuggling on the sofa.


Leo: Chunky 

 Bright colours show off your outgoing nature, and you always dress well.So, wear a bright, bulky sweater. It draws emphasis to your outfit without adding accessories.

Virgo: Cable Knit

Virgos have classic taste. You're picky because you're detail-oriented. Because of your hectic lifestyle, you choose a simple, elegant closet.Add a cable knit sweater to your capsule outfit next time.

Libra: V-Neck 

Libras are socialites. Life is short and supposed to be enjoyed, so you don't mind paying on big-ticket products provided they fit and can transition from work to pleasure.

Scorpio: Turtleneck

We suggest a black turtleneck. This sweater seems plain, but its tight fit and flattering silhouette make it versatile. Pair it with your finest jeans or beneath a jacket.

Sagittarius: Pom-pom 

Sagittarius is the zodiac's adventurous extrovert. Your fashion depends on your place since you're continually moving. Your outlandish style with bold colours and designs never changes.

Capricorn: Crewneck

Capricorns picky. You like sophisticated things and appear put-together. You enjoy neutral colours and classic styles and aren't persuaded by designer names or trends.

Aquarius: Vest

You blend colourful patterns and put your own touch on fashion trends.A antique sweater vest might suit your thrifted style. They're soft, warm, and may be layered to suit your own style.

Pisces: Fisherman

The Aran sweater, or fisherman sweater, was originally knit by fishermen's wives in Ireland's Aran Islands from Irish wool. You'll admire this sweater's craftsmanship and wonder about its romantic beginnings. 

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