The Pizza for Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Supreme Pizza

There's no disputing your love for life, Aries. You're confident, assertive, and a little hot-headed. You're an unstoppable force with boundless energy. Nothing is impossible with a little fast thought and a lot of dedication. 

Taurus: Sausage Pizza

Taurus appreciates the better things in life, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate a basic classic once and again. Being the stable earth sign of the zodiac, you have highly specific preferences, including pizza toppings.

Gemini: Hawaiian Pizza

Gemini as a boisterous chatterbox, they are surprised by your profound, cerebral side. A Hawaiian pizza's exquisite taste mix, a bit sweet and a little salty, celebrates your dual nature in a fun and surprising manner.

Cancer:  Pepperoni Pizza

You are a loving and sensitive person who enjoys spending time with those who make you feel at ease. Being the moon's sign, you are driven by your emotions, and once you make an emotional choice, you prefer to stick to it.


Leo: Meat Lover's Supreme

You struggle to keep things under wraps, so when it comes to making choices, more is more for you. Consequently, you'll need a pizza that's as daring.

Virgo: Veggie Pizza

You're meticulous and detail-oriented, and you're notorious for being tough to please in the kitchen. You seldom eat out, preferring to prepare nutritious meals for yourself. 

Libra: Spinach 

"Libras are regarded to be a little bit more refined than most of the other zodiac signs, which means they'll want a pizza that's a prim and proper meal—without the messiness of red sauce getting on their gorgeous designer clothing or well-manicured hands,".

Scorpio: Spicy Jalapeño

 "The precise energy that the scorpion puts out to others when they wish to defend [themselves] is a powerful and spicy jalapeo and pepperoni [pizza]." Just make sure you have enough of water.

Sagittarius: Margherita

Sagittarius is "considered to be the zodiac's party animal," Stardust recommends a pizza that will help you "recover after excess" while still being enjoyable to eat during a gathering. She recommends the traditional Margherita pizza, with its creamy cheesy richness and fresh tastes.

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Capricorn: Mushroom 

"Capricorns enjoy traditional toppings. But, they do not like to go crazy with the garnishes and like to stick to their palate's known road "Stardust elaborates. "This means they'll want lush and flavorful mushrooms and olives on their pizza to make it appear and taste classy."

Aquarius: Calzone

Aquarius is the renegade of the zodiac, which makes you a daring eater. Certainly, you can enjoy a traditional cheese or pepperoni pizza on occasion, but if given the option, you'll urge others to think beyond the box with you.

Pisces: Four Cheese

Pisces are the zodiac's delicate daydreamers. As a water sign, you have strong feelings and views about what you enjoy and hate. As a result, you tend to gravitate towards what you know and love, which includes comfort foods.

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