The Luckiest Day Of The Week For Each Zodiac Sign


You are already aware that your life is changing in ways you cannot halt, thus it is foolish to attempt to do so. The more you accept what it is this week, the more you will be able to build this next chapter in accordance with your own vision.


There is a possibility for a significant advancement if you use the resources of individuals you associate with. Pluto governs all kinds of great alterations but is readying to release itself from the limits of Pluto, like what you are planning for as well.


This week the Sun and Saturn overlap inside the final degree of Gemini. The zodiac sign of Gemini has control over all aspects of good fortune in your life, and the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn gives a highly effective interpretation.


Venus is now heightening your awareness of your desires and what genuinely satisfies you. As the Sun joins Venus in this position, you will be able to take action to begin actually bringing more of what you love into your life.


 Transformation, however, is more profound than mere change; it comes when your inner self is ultimately in harmony with the life you are creating outside.


In your communication sector it will help you have the critical talks in both work and love that may make you feel like you are spending more focus on producing what you want rather than stressing about what you are not.



The Sun in Pisces stimulates your home of health, indicating that it is important to ensure that your heart and mind are as healthy as your physical body. Your health sector governs the everyday routines of locations .


It becomes more sympathetic and caring in Cancer. This water sign is primarily concerned with you and your house, but since it rules your luck sector, it will also assist you grow your life in the areas where you need it most.


There is an end of an era unfolding in your life, which manifests itself in several ways. Although it may seem to be happening primarily in your romantic or domestic life, this transition will affect all aspect of your life.


Being able to express yourself both emotionally and truthfully professionally will help you to demonstrate your emotions and talents. You do not need to alter who you are, but the ability to completely express yourself.


In the following days, the Sun and Saturn will unite in the last degree of Aquarius, signalling the end of an era and the knowledge that you are now free to move forward to the next phase of your life.


Not everyone will comprehend the intellect or even the heart of a Pisces, but it is crucial that you spend this time to reflect on your past and present. This is not only a solar return, but also an opportunity to redo.

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