The Ideal Car  for Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius  Tesla Model S

As far as you and Elon are concerned, Teslas with their electric motors and medical-grade air filtration systems that eliminate "99.97% of particle exhaust pollution and essentially all allergies, pathogens, and other pollutants" are the future.

Pisces Hippie Chic VW Bus

You delight in your rich, escapism-based dream world because you are creative, empathetic, and idealistic. If ever there was a vehicle designed for daydreaming, it is the Volkswagen bus.

Aries Zippy Mazda Miata

You were the first of your pals to drive at night, and you're always invigorated with the top down on the open road. Be mindful of your impatience and rashness in traffic.

Taurus Safety-First Volvo

 It is a spacious family Vehicle equipped with front and side airbags and a cutting-edge automated emergency braking system, which helped it achieve a record-setting 87 percent on kid safety criteria.

Gemini Comforting, Classic Jetta

 We are aware that you are superficial (Love you, really!) But before you object that the Jetta is quite unremarkable, consider the 2018 revision: App compatibility with touchscreen? Check.


Cancer  Mercedes

The Mercedes E-Class Sedan, which is both reliable and sporty, is thus your ideal vehicle. It gained the Top Safety Pick+ distinction from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (the highest safety award b-t-dubs).

Leo Suburban Goddess Subaru

When you put the pedal to the metal in your capacious, smooth-riding, all-wheel-drive Forester, though, you are prepared to pick up your kid and his lacrosse teammates and take them directly to the ice cream parlour.

Virgo Practical Prius

It's spacious enough to pick up seven of your best friends en route to the club (you know the promoter, so you'll breeze past the velvet rope), and its Bose sound system.

Libra On-Trend Escalade

You wear your green heart on your sleeve and wouldn't think of driving a gas-guzzler since you are modest, careful, dependable, and clever. This innovative hybrid continues to adapt to the times.

Scorpio  Jeep Wrangler

Driven, assertive, powerful and passionate, you don’t choose the route less travelled; you go off-roading completely. You are captivating and alluring, but mysterious.

Sagittarius Range Rover

The new Range Rover has arrived. Whether you're driving over polo fields or to the farmers' market, you'll feel like Tom Cruise in Minority Report when important information like as your speed, incoming phone calls, and gear position.

Capricorn  Ford F150

You are practical, prudent, ambitious, but cautious, and you would never waste your money on a status symbol. You will demonstrate your renowned discipline with Motor Trend's Truck of the Year, thank you.

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