The Cocktail for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Bourbon

This sign to order a straight bourbon since they "don't need anything fancy and they're not here to play." Bourbon is effective without the garnishes of a more elaborate drink. This straight indication has no umbrellas in tropical mixed beverages.

Taurus: Negroni

"Taureans like the tried-and-true, so if they can help it, they seldom deviate from their standard cocktail sequence. Sometimes, though, a trend comes along that seems too fantastic to pass up "Lauren Ash, a famous astrologer and lifestyle author.

Gemini: French 75

The social butterfly of the zodiac requires a drink befitting of their big evenings out, and what could be better than a French 75? Loftis notes, "This traditional cocktail has a history and historical significance, which will thrill the intellectual Gemini."

Cancer: PiƱa Colada

"Water signs are quite sensitive to all chemicals," advises Loftis, so "keep it light." Fortunately, pia coladas tend to be sweeter and less potent. Inbaal Honigman, a popular psychic and astrologer.


Leo: Gold Rush

Loftis offers the Gold Rush, created with bourbon, honey, and fresh lemon juice, for the discerning Leo. She claims that this self-assured and outgoing sign like everything "luxurious and unusual," which makes this "classy, eye-catching.

Virgo: Sazerac

Loftis explains that Virgos want a nightcap with "quite particular components" since they are so straightforward. The ingredients for a Sazerac are rye whisky, a sugar cube, Peychaud's Bitters, and anise liqueur.

Libra: Cosmopolitan

 They like experimenting with various drinks, but, as Ash says, "there is only one drink that really complements their elegant and easygoing style: the traditional Cosmopolitan." "Made with vodka and cranberry juice and often garnished with a trendy lime twist.

Scorpio: Old Fashioned

Loftis advises Scorpios to choose a quality scotch or whisky since it is as simple as they are. Yes, they could drink it neat or on the rocks, but to temper their intensity, they should order an old fashioned. It's nevertheless potent enough to match Scorpio's deep and complicated.

Sagittarius: Margarita

 "The party doesn't begin until Sagittarius arrives, and a margarita is a party in a glass." Loftis says, "This sign enjoys having fun, and this sweet and salty combo is great." In addition, this drink will remind the Zodiac's globetrotters of their past travels .

Capricorn: Espresso

If you have a Capricorn friend, you've likely seen them order a martini with highly detailed directions. This sensible sign enjoys the classics and desires simplicity. Honigman adds that an espresso martini is ideal since it is "a fun spin" on this classy staple.

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Aquarius: Midori Sour

Aquarians who are eccentric and rebellious do not want standard drinks. Loftis suggests that they try a Midori Sour instead, since it is a "quirky green cocktail for our somewhat alien Aquarian pals." The mix of lime juice, lemon juice, vodka, Midori liqueur, and club soda.

Pisces: Paloma

Water symbol Consider ordering a Paloma, which is prepared with tequila, grapefruit, and lime. Loftis states that this sensitive sign may make it less alcoholic by adding seltzer, creating a lovely mix of sweet and salty, much like a Pisces.

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