Signs that your sweet housecat loves you

Cat's gaze.

When a cat looks directly at you in the eyes, it may feel threatened. They're showing their affection for you by blinking slowly at you.

Sound is a purr

Their primary means of interaction with us is via this medium, and just like us, they'll keep quiet around you if they don't get along with you. Therefore, meowing may indicate affection and friendliness.

When they bite you

When playing, kittens and cats will bite one other to demonstrate love. Even though these teeth might hurt, it's best not to react negatively or your cat may get confused.

When they groom you

Your affection for your lovely cat is shown by its desire to groom you. They're beginning to consider you a member of the clan!

Whiskers of a feline

You can learn a lot about a cat's mood by watching its tail. However, if the tail is up, it signifies they are fond of you.


Brings you presents

Obviously, nobody likes getting rats as presents, but this is just your cat's way of teaching you how to hunt. What they're really thinking is that you're a relative who needs to be shown the ropes when it comes to hunting.

Nods of the head

Cats' use of the scent glands on their cheeks and head to mark their territory is a well-known display of love. When they do this, they are claiming you as their own. How delightful.


Experts agree that kneading is typical kitten behaviour, with the goal of encouraging their mother to produce more milk. So, if they start doing that to you, it's probably a sign that they consider you to be one of the group.

Share your bed

If your cat is sleeping next to you, on your lap, or otherwise close to you, know that he or she loves and feels safe with you.


. If they swat you in the face with their tail, it means they consider you to be one of their closest friends and confidants.

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