Pisces: The Complete Zodiac Sign Guide

Pisces is water.

Water-element Pisceans. Water signs are creative, kind, perceptive, empathic, and emotional. Water may make you think of melancholy tears. 

Water Signs Complement

Pisceans get along well in romance, relationships, business, and friendships because they communicate about their feelings. Water signs don't feel like they're being "too much".

 Like Earth Signs

Water and earth naturally balance, therefore water signs and earth signs go well together. Pisces and earth signs may produce a supportive atmosphere.

Fire Signs Don't  Work

Fire signs are bold, independent, daring, and passionate. They can't wait for others, thus many fall behind. For these and other reasons, Pisces shouldn't date.

Don't Like Air Signs

Pisceans and air signs aren't compatible. Air signs are clever, sociable, intellectual, and spacey. Even if they're good, their strong personalities may overwhelm Pisces.


Pisceans are quite sensitive. You shouldn't be harsh with them. Saying anything rudely may harm them. Pisceans like gentle, polite speech. Pisceans are sensitive, thus anything may disturb them.


Dream Big

Pisceans are dreamers and easily sidetracked by the future. Pisces love to talk about their vision board or manifestation diary. Pisces craves a better existence.

Give And Care Easily

Some zodiac signs can't understand generosity and compassion. But not Pisceans. If they perceive someone in need, Pisces may easily exhibit their generosity.

Value Holidays

If you love celebrating holidays while dating or befriending a Pisces, you're in luck. Pisceans appreciate celebrating holidays because it makes them feel special.

Can Be Defeatist

Pisceans battle with defeatism. A defeatist worldview makes you think you'll never succeed. Determinists think they should quit before beginning since they'll fail.

Easily Honest

Pisceans value honesty. Pisceans know how difficult it is to manage a web of falsehoods. Pisces despise lying because they value honesty. Unavoidably, the truth stings.

Pisces Are Loyal

You know how hard it is to trust people after been burnt by a few. Pisces are inherently loyal, which is wonderful. They won't cheat, betray, or break your heart if they've committed to you.

Love Hopelessly

Pisceans are hopeless romantics like many other zodiac signs. Pisces adore love! They fantasise about love, imagine their ideal partner, and seek soul mates. 

Dislike Unrequited Doting

Pisces relationships need reciprocal adoration. If not, Pisces will turn off. They want their spouse to reciprocate their efforts. Pisces may withdraw and become less loving if they believe they're doing too much.

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