The Worm Moon's Horoscope

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During this full moon, you should expect an increase in duties and work-related tasks. Thomas advised looking for a professional "tipping point," such as the completion of a major project or the start of a new employment.


If you're a Taurus born under the Moon, you could just find your soulmate. Thomas suggested that they schedule a few exciting dates, hang out with their closest buddy, and tell their loved ones how much they care.


 Thomas advises prioritising one's loved ones and home responsibilities with one's professional obligations. You never know when someone in your circle of influence may need your help.


It's possible that the sprouting of some of the huge ideas you planted is just getting started now. Do not allow unforeseen drama derail your development, and embrace change as an opportunity for genuine connection.


Leo, you need to figure out whether you can put your money where your mouth is. But if Thomas is right, the Worm Moon might also bring about a pay increase, a new career, or even a side venture.



It's time for you to be seen as you really are, Virgo; it's time to move into your power. Thomas said that people should utilise the Worm Moon to "tell their truth" and "convey their deepest wishes and intentions".


You can be exhausted by the never-ending stream of personal and professional commitments that are draining your reserves. Now is not the time to push yourself; take a break, relax, and collect your thoughts.


 During this full moon, parties, get-togethers, and other exciting activities will have a greater impact, Thomas stated. Simply avoid engaging in idle chitchat; there's no need to go to extremes.


Sagittarius, you do not need to win at the cost of people closest to you in your personal life. Thomas said that, although it's OK to celebrate professional advancement and new chances, it's also important to ensure that you're succeeding in every part of your life.


We enter a new, more vibrant, and thrilling era with the arrival of the Worm Moon. You're prepared to go off on an adventure, Capricorn, but before you do, make sure you read all the tiny print. Thomas warned that if you try to go forward with your eyes closed.


Time to set things in order has arrived with this full moon, Aquarius. It would seem that you and this other person are not on the same page. Thomas says that you will be heard if you take bold action while keeping compassion in mind.


Pisces, you'll be thinking a lot about your connections, whether professional or romantic. Now is the moment to go on, but keep your emotions under check. As Thomas put it, "good things may cease so that better may begin."

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