March 2023 Love Horoscope


As the month begins, with passionate Venus in your assured first house, you are a risk-taking love machine. Indeed, you are emotional, but you like to show them off through brute force.


During the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on March 1, you may find it easier to relax and appreciate the positive emotions that come with being in love. You haven't felt this joyful in a very long time, Taurus. I think you've earned it.


Your focus for the month has been on the job, but a romantic distraction would be welcome. When life becomes too difficult to handle, it's good to be able to escape into a world of make-believe.


Your current preferred method of showing affection for the people you care about is acts of service, so it comes as a shock when they hint that they feel smothered by you. It could be some time before you feel back to normal.



A bright sun-Neptune conjunction occurs, heightening your sensitivity and awareness to the needs of others, which should have a positive effect on your romantic life. 


Exactly what do you think you're entitled to? Although partnerships typically involve at least two individuals, you're experiencing yours via a very first-person lens right now.


There has to be no second-guessing or looking back. You have faith in the potential of a happily ever after since you are escaping your past and going into a far better future.


Your wit and wisdom are on full display whenever you engage in conversation, whether it's with a potential new partner or your bae over a cup of coffee in the morning.


I wonder what the cosmos has in store for your romantic prospects now. Finally, how about some genuine joy! It's wonderful to have very few concerns at the moment.


 Ignore anyone who makes jokes about how serious you are, including friends and potential partners. This is the time to zero in on your objectives.

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Mercury's gentle transition from your independent sign into Pisces on March 2. See how this shift in energy brings out your feelings and lets you express your compassion and empathy.


Putting yourself out there and trying harder will improve your romantic life no matter how it's going at the moment. Having faith in one's own abilities.

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